It’s been raining all day,
not the vengeful deluge that soaks your socks until they squish with each step,
but the gentle kind of rain

that kisses your collarbone
and sprinkles sparkling droplets in your tangled locks.
It’s been raining all day,

drops pitter pattering on window panes,
plashing wind chimes, their jingling tinkle brightening the sunless afternoon.
It’s the lulling kind of rain

that sings you to sleep
and whispers sweet nothings into your ear as you doze drooling on the sofa
because it’s been raining all day,

and you have nothing better to do than listen to the shushing
shower that hushes your hurried thoughts and bids you bask in nature’s quietude.
It’s the joyful kind of rain

that urges you to indulge in childhood folly.  On days like these, you can skip from puddle
to parking lot puddle and remember how you never used to care about soggy shoes.  
It’s been raining all day,
but it’s the most beautiful kind of rain, and I hope it comes back to visit soon.