The “brilliant” minds that decided,
for themselves,
that Pluto was not really 
a planet
did so with a sample size
of nine


Nine planets in our solar system

And the sample size
drops to only eight
if you believe them

Defining what makes something
like an entire planet
based on eight or nine examples?


I, for one, will not go along with
the wretched hive of scum and villainy
known as the International Astronomical Union,
who so abused poor Pluto,
spinning out there in the outer solar system,
minding her own damn business

What kind of “scientist”
thinks he can define
the parameters of a planet
with only eight or nine
examples to consider?

The hubris-driven,
“let’s-do-science-by-consensus” kind

The kind that push agreement
over evidence

In other words,
not scientists at all

Poor Pluto–treated
so harshly by
Earth-bound morons

And we can say that,
because the sample size
for Earth-bound morons,
based on abundant evidence,
is, as we all know, in
(at least) the tens
of millions

And that’s us being nice,
unlike those bullies at
the International Astronomical Union