Playing Scrabble
with Ben again 
He’s been watching 
too much tv

mostly Vikings
He wants the
Judson Roberts’s books 
he doesn’t have 
as his Christmas present 
We’ve decided 
to name a future son 
Ben’s cut his hair 
in what could pass 
as viking style 
I’m hoping this game
will get him away 
from his current obsession 

No such luck 
the first few words 
on the board 
He scores 27 points 
for “foy”
which I’m certain 
he’s making up 
definition: a Scandinavian feast

It’s in his blood 
now like mead

cuts at him
like a battle axe 
He’s a warrior 
in his own right 
continuing the saga 
and dreaming of Valhalla 

-Jessica Swafford