i knew her instantly i  

 recognized her
  out of the millions of faces probably more that i’ve ever seen
  her’s was the one that always stood out hers was the one i was always looking for
   i suddenly realized that we’d be making our bed
i knew instantly she was a screamer
 shy demure her persona was impeccable
  fair and waifish her posture betrayed history of gymnastics
   but the glasses and her use of the language whispered librarian
   there was no hiding her appetite and experience from a hunter like me
 years long courtship
  Odysseus would have been proud
   i met every challenge with glee
    maywhim she called it among the many
     beautiful ways she had of looking 
at something something dirty and is dirty and useful
i knew that once her mind opened it would be hard to keep up
 i knew there would be work involved in earning her respect
  that was the only way to open her mind, that was the only way to open her soul
what i didn’t know i’d soon learn and i’d keep an open mind and i would soon learn it
 the magic that we knew was lost forever to the magic that was new