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Lexington Poetry Month

Poem, made up of titles of several recently acquired poetry books

A Map of One Year
Retracing My Steps

Out of Nowhere
Glass Corset

Talking Burley
Let’s Do It Live

The Truth Is
Better Than Sardines

(In order of appearance, titles of books by Karen L George, Jayne Moore Waldrop, Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, Teneice Durrant, Sherry Chandler, LexPoMo2018 anthology edited by Jude McPherson, Avery M. Guess, Dennis Preston)

10 responses to “Poem, made up of titles of several recently acquired poetry books”

  1. Sylvia Collings says:

    Wow! I love this.

  2. Karen George says:

    Love this, Katerina!

  3. This was pretty clever. Great idea!

  4. Too funny! Loved it! Thank you for using my book title!

  5. A. E. Bryant says:

    This grabbed me and didn’t let go.

  6. Bianca Bargo says:


  7. you clever boy (in the voice of david tennant’s doctor who)

  8. Sylvia Ahrens says:

    Clever idea and fun poem.

  9. Melva Sue Priddy says:


  10. K. Bruce Florence says:

    Some might say it is a found poem and others would more accurately say found poem titles.
    Some might scratch their heads and say, “What”?
    But not us, we are lexpomo family and we know.

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