It’s 11pm, one child awake and screaming
the other sprawled out in our bed
we want intimacy, in different ways
but I feel disrespected, 
you feel unloved
I’ll reveal then
what I really believe about sacrifice;
covenant keeping, Christ-exalting marriage

I’m good, thanks!  
tie on, sun up, Fitbit charged
I’m pretending  
the sinful responses to those nearest
a product of exhaustion  
not a reflection of a deprived heart
most revealing

I’m good because Christ is good
The health of my family priority one
and my best energy and most gracious responses 
belong to them
Don’t miss Ephesians five–  
my bride is The Bride
I am (supposed to be) Christ
The sacrificed son

Ask me who
I have most consistently loved well
If it’s not my bride
I am not well