Climbing from the shadows 
Returning from ashes
Lacing up my bootstraps 
Hoisting myself from the saying 
“If rock-bottom had a basement ” 
I should have a tshirt printed by now 
I’ve been there before 
So many times over
One thing’s for sure 
Failure isn’t an option that lives here anymore 
And gambling and coin tossed losses 
Have all but worn out their welcome here
I’m getting older and growing tired. 
My body and spirit are ready for a change 
Vibrations from the earth feel unsteady 
Or maybe it’s just me 
Either way I need to just lay down for while
Let tomorrow’s be, come what may
Maybe with my forties coming 
I’ll just hope to catch a nap
On a Sunday afternoon 
Under a tree or on a couch
While the sun warms my skin

Either way, I wholeheartedly hope 
Tomorrow brings you, we, and us.