Dance with your Darknesses, invite them to tea.
Hug them warmly while the mood-music croons.
Kiss your Depression on the crown-chakra and spin it ’round.

But always take a step back. Change – up the Dance;
examine your Darknesses both for their beauty and Hold.
You, remember, are no marionette.
No solid-fog ribbons tether ankle to ankle, wrist to wrist.
During your pas-de-deux,
please do not allow your Depression to drape itself over you,
or fill your throat. It is neither armour nor nourishment.

When the hush falls, open the door.
Step back from the painting. Step out of the frame.
Expand your focus, if only for a beat. Inhale the sunshine,
the lyric, the song. The words.
Imbibe the soft air.

See the vista, the sunset or rise. The fractals that make up the macro.