The story is true

Yes, Pink Elephants are real

Know how to catch one?


Pink, Pesky, Playful

Persistence will be required

You know what to do!


First you bake a cake

(Gluten free is not required)

Twelve by twelve by twelve


You must lure them in

The cake gets their attention

But you must have more


You need a raisin

Not an ordinary one

Juicy it must be


Ripe and succulent

Pachyderms seek perfection

They just LOVE raisins!


Once they get the scent

Their trunks held high in the air

Trumpeting is heard


Joyfully they come

With the raisin as their goal

They approach with care


First they sniff the cake

Surrounding the precious treat

Then they all jump in!


They leap and frolic
Dancing with great abandon
Crumbs between their toes


Could it be? Oh yes!

The raisin’s in the center

Yummy as can be!


Blissful, contented

Their pinkness easy to see

You must catch one now!


If they get anxious

Their pinkness will fade away

It’s time for action!


Hurry! Don’t delay!

If they’re stressed, you’re out of luck

They will all turn gray