I could no longer bear the weight you brought to each conversation
My strained muscles weren’t always overused and full of lactic acid 
Lengthy treks through your trauma without respite will do that

The fire began as an unnoticeable ember
your misery fed with each exhale
Smoke surrounded us and I couldn’t see through it
see through you(?)
and I failed to heed the crackling tinder’s warning in my grip

The tears in my eyes I mistook for golden glitter of those
childhood rules about friendship and treating others as
you want to be treated 
The tiny saline drops couldn’t stop the wildfires spreading through my body

I collapsed beneath the burden when I should have sent an S.O.S.
and I still don’t know if it’s fair to name you Pontius co-pilot for 
the crash I feel from the flight of my broken promise to stay