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Lexington Poetry Month
article by
Lacey L Trautwein

If this were a perfect world:
We’d fall in love,
trusting and relying
on on another
as true lovers do.

If this were a perfect world:
I wouldn’t pick up your socks
and you wouldn’t try too hard
to convince me
that you can do it.

If this were a perfect world:
we would be retouched
with our flaws diminished
with bright smiles
where wine wouldn’t
Stain our lying teeth.

3 responses to “Postmates”

  1. Joseph Allen Nichols says:

    Color me a fan of this post 😉

    One of your best thus far in your first LexPo.
    Just my opinion.

  2. Jim Lally says:

    Joseph has got it right.
    i like the way the title
    delineates the relationship that ends with wine
    staining Our lying teeth.

  3. This reminds me SO MUCH of a person I once knew back when I drank more wine

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