Powder Saves the Day    

Fresh powdered scents keep mammas gay.
Talcum tapped on a baby’s bottoms
keep chaffs and diaper rashes away.  

Stinky poops gag shut airways,
a newborn’s gift of blossoms,
but powder scents make mammas gay  

Teen stank ranks up the days,
leaves clothes and skin smelling rotten,
but powder keeps the baying dogs away.  

Rolls, sags and udder-like-bags weigh,
like a wrecked ship’s flotsam,
but powder’s slip-n-slide keep the hefty gay.  

Loose and thwapping lips of a woman gray,
like a day in the land of Sodom,
but powder, without talc, keeps the chaffs at bay.  

The latter year legs don’t splay,
menopause induces desires to boot hims,
powder’s fresh scents make the old smell gay
and the keep the chaffs and rashes away.