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Lexington Poetry Month
Pregnant Pause
article by
Jay St. Orts

I put a ripe watermelon in Kid One’s carseat.
I hoped to be pulled over by a cop,
Who would ask:
Do you have a good reason for this?
So I can respond:
Yes. Yes, I do.
Then I would say nothing
And let the pregnant pause gestate.

6 responses to “Pregnant Pause”

  1. HB Elam says:

    I lol’d. This was wonderful.

  2. Steve Cummings says:

    It’s amazing the amount of time I sat thinking about a poem it takes 5 seconds to read. Now it’s stuck in my head like the theme to Wonder Woman, the 70’s version.

  3. Larry Wheeler says:

    My brother was always a connoiseur of the induced awkward silence. “let the pregnant pause gestate” are words for the zenmasters of smartassery to live by. Thank you for them.

  4. Jay St. Orts says:

    Many thanks, folks. It means a lot to me.

  5. Gaby Bedetti says:

    You could add this to your stand-up comedy.

  6. Melva Sue Priddy says:


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