Pretend you know where your opinions come from
          and can defend them without a gun

Pretend it isn’t getting cooler
          and that you’ve noticed in those brief moments you move               
          from one conditioned space to another

Pretend you get your name on the box if you pan the movie or
          get the grant if you prove the wrong theory

Pretend the next Ice Age isn’t overdue a thousand years 
           and the caps are getting smaller 

Pretend this isn’t the lowest sunspot activity in recorded history

Pretend that carbon footprint doesn’t equal standard-of-living

Pretend that you care enough to lift a finger or spend a dime

Pretend half your neighbors pretend, too  

Pretend you kill the other half today  

Pretend you’ve solved the problem
By pretending that in 2021
The world’s daily output of carbon
Will be less than
The day you killed a hundred and fifty million  

While I pretend facts mean something