Today’s a day when people celebrate
how fearfully and wonderfully they are made
how hard they have had to swim upstream
how toughened they have become
to errant judgement
which would bruise or batter most
to trod the path a little clearer and wider
for those who didn’t bring their machetes

Red to show that their blood,
is the same as everyone else’s

Orange to emanate a vibrancy,
an openess to love in all forms

Yellow to reiterate their strength
which like the sun, continues to rise and shine

Green to commemorate the freshness
of youth, those new feelings of finding a place
making a life, raising a family, achieving goals that once were not a choice.

Blue to recall the immensity of the movement
the boundless sky which touches all expanding hearts, a token of just how far we can go
by giving ourselves the necessary and nourishing water, we can grow ourselves strong

Indigo are those shadows that show us the shape of who we are and what we can become

Purple, oh delicious purple.
Wild, regal, magical purple.
Purple is for the Pride