Storefront shimmers, a rainbow plastered facade,

luring eyes in June’s commercial parade. Rainbow trinkets fill the shelves, each whispering of progress,
a brand’s attempt to appear socially conscious.
T-shirts emblazoned with raised fists, a symbol of defiance,
but the hands that stitched them, their stories remain hidden.
Hands worn thin in factories across the globe,
where LGBTQ+ rights hold little value.
The window shouts, “We celebrate you!” with loud displays,
but a quieter question lingers.
What happens after June’s flamboyant show fades?
Does their support with the rainbow truly extend beyond profit?
Perhaps a rainbow holds a pot of gold in legend,
but here, the prize is profit, the true test.
A muted echo of a movement’s core struggle,
reduced to cheap merchandise, a hollow spectacle.