Imagine a shallow pool that never existed – it couldn’t have
A place like this has never existed on earth, but if it did…..

It would contain around 500 compounds we call amino acids
and they can be mirrored, so this would be 1000

But we’re just concerned with just 4, A, C, T and G and they all must be left-handed

Here is a left-handed T molecule – it must be joined with a left-handed G
via a complex lattice of sugar and phosphate

Must be

but all can connect, all the other 499 lefts and 500 rights

1 chance in 1000 that LH-T hooks up with LH-G
and we have a DNA base pair

For the 2nd base pair, we need and left-handed T, G, A or C – 4 chances in 1000 
which will then hook to it’s required mate – 1 chance in 1000

To get two base pairs – 1 chance in 250,000,000

You just won the national lottery

A 3rd base pair?  1 chance in 62.5 trillion

The simplest organism on earth?  490,885 base pairs (we have a little over 3 billion)

And the answer becomes obvious

DNA is an artifact, a tool

Intelligently created