(I’m sure everyone, just like me, hates when you go to a poetry reading and the poet spends 23 minutes explaining their poem then 33 seconds reading it but, in order to prove my gift of prophecy so that, perhaps, you, gentle reader, might pay more attention to my prophetic posts in the following days of late spring and early summer (where I most likely might say “Look right here, this is a prophecy” so don’t feel like you need to concentrate that much) here is my response from last year’s Lexpomo to Phillip Corley’s poem posted 6/17/2016, where my third eye is clearly documented.  While I use no dangerous tools, tarot, I Ching, or ouija, bones, entrails, etc., it’s disheartening to know the future – I suggest not trying this)

You’ll piss off the poets, pouting and pretentious
Derange the dilettantes, deluded and dumb
Shallow sheep smashing storefronts
“You owe me a TV for your blasphemy”

We’ll drink beer and watch the riots
When all the cool kids have shunned us

(yes, I did change a word)