Proud tree on a fence row
What do you know?
You’ve been around since long ago
Old and mighty you stand
But not without scars
Lightning bolt splits
And marks of pestilent wars
Birds and squirrels rest in your branches
Your roots burrow deep
You provide cool shade
For the cattle to sleep
Your leaves sprout green
In autumn, turn yellow and fall
In winter, you stand bare
Yet dark, proud, and tall
Once part of a forest
You watched become crops
The farmer’s family labored
As you peered over tobacco tops 
Like a strong, silent soldier
You accepted blows
You continued to stand 
Through wind, rain, and snows
Horses pulled
Then tractors appeared
The farm work got faster
Year after year
The farmer got old
And then he died
The pasture sat vacant
Yet, you never cried
As the years passed 
The grandchildren came
They built houses and played
And farmed the land again
The family buried pets beneath you
The children loved your shade
You watched them get bigger
Some left, but some stayed
You have grandchildren somewhere
Yet, not so close
Perhaps on the adjacent hill
The one you look to the most
How much more will you see?
You seem so wise
You have seen the land and the people 
And how they are tied
Your days are plenty
But someday, will run out
Will your grandchildren then see
What your pride was about?  
Proud tree on a fence row
What do you know? 
You’ve been around since long ago