i miss the sensation
            of connection
i miss the sound
            of two laughs colliding
i miss the crackle
            of a sideways glance
i miss the sweetness
            of an awkward hug
i miss the comfort
            of a planned brunch

i yearn for the sensation
            of being understood
i yearn for the sound
            of a knock on the door
i yearn for the crackle
            of a shared experience
i yearn for the sweetness
            of an embrace you can melt into
i yearn for the comfort
            of a dedicated friend

i pretend the sensation
            of emptiness within me is illegitimate
i pretend the sound
            of my phone is ringing is a birdcall
i pretend the crackle
            of inspiration within me is dead
i pretend the sweetness
            i taste is artifical
i pretend the comfort
            of time slipping by is comforting

i turn the page
            and so it goes

on and on and on