I woke up this morning thinking 
Of brutality and what gives people the right
To feel like they can murder someone 
To hit someone
To slice open a hand
To molest
To strangle

I woke up this morning remembering bubble gum
Accidentally falling asleep with it in my mouth
And being hit
Being yelled at 
Being abused
Hoarding purple bubble gum from the bank was a hobby of mine
But they said I could have died
Then they beat me

I woke up this morning thinking of power
And what makes anyone want to have power
Over someone else
Power always sickened me
The upper hand is unnecessary  

I woke up this morning with names
Innocent black names floating through my mind
They died

I woke up this morning

I woke up this morning 
Free to have bubble gum

Free to use my voice
White silence is violence
Black lives matter
Defund the police
Police reform
My protest signs