It’s too long…
    since my eyes feasted
    on the welcome sight of a friend before me,
    since my shoes tasted 
    the pavement of streets beyond my own,
    since my hands treasured
    a glass of cheap beer at a bar,
    since my mind swallowed
    information unpolluted by anxiety.
They’re too long…
    my eyebrows begging
    to be waxed,
    my scattered split-ends screaming
    for an overdue cut,
    these afternoons entertaining uncertain children longing
    for friends and a sense of normalcy.
Too long…
    these restless nights of fitful sleep haunted
    by ghosts standing closer than six feet,
    these meetings on Zoom forcing
    me to mute my voice and my emotions.
It’s all too long…
But I am afraid.

And tired.

And all I have is time.