Anna & Izzy
(My moms foster parents)

I remember Grandma Anna short and stout
White curly hair with some faded blonde
Thick glasses and small squinty eyes
Hands red and raw and well used
Faded yellow dress with flowers
A raggy white sweater
Old house shoes
Not really my grandma but 
the only one I ever knew.
When I was twelve I had a dream she died
And woke up to learn she had died in her sleep.

Grandpa Izzy was also short
Small narrow rounded shoulders
Bent over with a cane
Always smiling always smiling
His eyes always smiled even when his mouth wasn’t
I adored him as if he were my own grandpa
I’m not sure he even knew my name

And I don’t remember when he died
Tho I’m sure he died before Anna
It’s been at least 50 years since I last saw Anna.

But every now and then, for whatever unknown reason
They float to the front of my memories.