I’ve always been Daddy’s girl.
when my mother left two years after him,
I felt
I had been Mom’s girl, too.  

what happens between my parents and me
is this:
Dad sends me cats
and Mom sends me angels.  

Each time I feel happy
I know Daddy shares my joy –
there is always a cat
popping up from nowhere
(Dad knows I’ll never neglect a cat,
and he sure knows
how to make an appearance, doesn’t he).  

At times when I feel insecure,
weak and unattractive,
when I totally lack my self-confidence,
there appears no cat, obviously.
And this is when Mom’s angels step in:    
a teenage girl who’d tell me I am pretty,
a teenage boy who’d solve a problem of mine,
an old lady who’d compliment me on my outfit,
an old man  who’d give me advice.
Then I know
Mom is watching
and as long as she watches over me
I’ll be safe,
and young,
and beautiful,
and loved,
and all my problems will be solved,
sooner or later.  

I often wonder if Mom and Dad met up there,
as I am wondering today,
on their wedding anniversary,
walking sadly in the park…  

Hey, look at you!,
I hear a thin voice say,
Are you a Fairy?  

As I look up,
I see a little girl
sitting on a bench,
all smiles,
holding a big cat in her arms.
You are so beautiful!,
she exclaims happily.  

Now I finally know
about Mom and Dad.

               Zlatna Kostova