Were born molding, moulding, molting
a stronger woman could handle you.

Womanhood is maybe
Womanhood is reaching
Womanhood is audience silence.

Advice for all women of 2024:
Stop trying so hard
Men are fun; whatever you think this is,
it probably isn’t. Practice thoughtlessness
for peace.
Tell everyone what you mean and need.
This weight is a weapon. This apathy, a lesson.
Layer the pillows out on the side
of the bed like a man who never farts; 
he’s perfect, expect him to never hug
hard enough.
Remember this is true for all of them.
If you’re a woman wanting: Abundance.
Be thin with your words and your space.
Woman is a state of Re:
What will you lose?
What will you produce?
What do you dare let breathe?

How fragile and queer for this to stay this way—

The horror, the honor, the fiction, the choice—
Of a woman and a full day.