When the light posts turn off

The town is quiet

The dog is snoring

Only a few cars left driving the streets

You lay, wide awake

Soaring through space like a rocket

Stars all around

The faint sound of music

Playing in the back of your mind

Reaching your hand out,

Trying to grasp the bigger picture,

Like a kid trying to catch a butterfly.


Looking at a window

Flying down a road

Shadows on the horizon

A hand in the wind

Looking up and seeing shapes in the clouds

Your imagination wondering

Like a kid through the woods


Our magic slips through our fingers

Because our hands our too busy

Juggling everything else.

We never pause, to look up

And see if a star is falling.


We often lose our imaginations

As we grow up.

I don’t think it’s on purpose

We get lost

And no longer are we following a

trail through the magic forest,

Or the yellow brick road,

But a black paved one.


They’ll say you’re living in a fantasy,

But maybe,

Just maybe

Your fantasy is a better life than their reality.


Keep reaching kid, keep wondering.

Because that fantasy is within reach of being your reality.