A white wrap around porch

On a crisp sunny day,

Not too hot, with a perfect breeze

A comfy day bed and a book

A shiny blue pool and a sangria

An old guitar with a worn out notebook

A house not too big, so you’re never lonely

But lined with windows so the trees keep you company

Horses running in the field

And dogs snoring on the couch


A rusted but-still-drives-like-hell Volkswagen bus

Pulling a cheap but-it-floats boat

To a lake with crystal clear water

Not too cold, but enough to cool you off

Pre-packed sandwiches and chips

With a few bottles of sunscreen

Papaw’s fishing pole and dad’s packed-too-full tackle box


A hike through the woods with a few scrapes on your legs

Not too long of a trail, but remote

To a waterfall with a swimming hole

And stay all day with a small but warm campfire at sunset

Gooey, savory s’mores and a sweet kiss

But nothing more

A tent with more blankets than you need

And music that seems to scream at your soul


A beach front dive bar

Passed down from my mom

Filled every night with locals,

And tourists on the weekends

Humming to the tunes from the underground band

Comfort food and a cold drink

Crashing waves and the smell of salt

A bronzed tan and sun-lightened hair