Recent Conversation Blurbs I Overheard-a found poem

on a Zoom comedy writer’s workshop

He said she was so fine,
he likes to cuddle all the time,
but f—ing her was the best,
except-she had daddy issues,
like calling him daddy when in the midst,
but she left him and he loves her
and this was all he got
from the ten-word prompt.
The woman leading the group
laughed and told him to pull
his big boy pants and figure
out how to make it funny,
and I thought but didn’t say:
lady’s got lack of empathy
he sure didn’t talk about his girl with respect
more like she’s some penis poking object.

Words from another participant:
She said her mother told her;
when you are having sex
that’s the best time to plan what’s for dinner, next.
I guess her Mother was a comedian, too.
Or a realist.

Sexual intercourse can be such a chore.
Especially if the partner is a bore.
Like intercourse for exercise
with sesurprise dripping out the only prize,
meal planning seems to quite fit
for that kind of non-frisson moment.