Ariba Ariba!
Do it again
only a few precious minutes
to send my subconcious
into a digital landscape.
This is not virtual reality, if it were
we’d be skydiving through hoops
and reversing gravity.
There’d be an orchestra on the moon
and we’d all look three dimensional
if three dimensions forgot
how to use sandpaper.
We would be pinewood boxcars
moving faster than time
finding new definitions for the length of a lap.
Is it one time around the track
or the segway between races,
the place where you learn to be more
-learn to be better-
submitting your assignments well before deadline?
Not every line can be pushed,
can’t be snipped, shat, and retweeted to
every new school constitutionalist
who forgets Ben Franklin loved deviancy.



We have to do this
because we have nothing else,
and why would we need anything else
if this is what gives us what we love.
We compete with the pain because
without pressure nothing would be real enough
to love.