You can drink a healing potion
But it might be slightly intoxicating

You can stay in bed a little longer
Snag an extra hour of sleep

Or you can tell the sun to go fuck itself
And take the whole day off work

You can share a conversation with a close friend
Catching wisdom in their words

You can listen for hours to your favorite band
After all it’s why they do what they do

You can try your luck with God
Though it seems like a gamble nowadays

I guess you can cause another human being to suffer
Feeding off their blood and pain

You can lie cheat and steal
Just taking whatever you need

You can channel yourself into a hobby
I can attest to poetry’s power

You could engorge yourself in an auto-erotic kink
I…may have said too much

You can gravitate toward a kindred spirit
Who will fill you with their light

You can use another person for sex
Consuming laid bare soul

Or you could just sit alone in silence
Allowing your heart to work on itself.

There are thousands of things human beings
can and will do in an effort to heal
but a singular question should accompany them all.
Are you willing
or are you prepared
to be
how you heal?