wishing on eyelashes again
i hope we can be more than friends
can you see the ink that fell out of my tattoo that’s how close i wanna be to you

your eyes are darker than i’ve ever seen them
and mine are just as glassy
whenever you decide you want me you can have me
if you wanna know you can always check
for your birth stone around my neck

i could fall asleep right now
but then i’d miss you standing between my legs
when you take my chair i tell myself
you just wanna look up at me instead

i think maybe you lost your charm
but then you come sit next to me on the couch’s arm
and i lay on your knee and dream of what we could be
i try to listen when you try to tell me

i have everything you could ever want or need
and i’d give it to you so you know it’s real
i’m a commie babe i want you to feel as good as i feel
you said “well i’m leaving” standing big and tall
to see if i’ll follow and i come at your call

and do you ever worry my bruises are from someone that’s not you