I try to push through.
Your body catches my clothing 
and the skin.  
I do not know
whether this is the end, 
or whether it ended before it began, 
red rover.

Caught in your bony, stark limbs,
suddenly comes my sentence;
I’m so happy to lose.
I do not know 
if this is a kiss, 
or a bruise, 
red rover.

Red rover,
with you
I wonder at who I am;
I change with everyone.
It is like dishonesty,
but tonight I swear 
I’m doing alright.

I would have only held you 
if that was your way,
or your religion.
I would have held you:
tight, bony, and stark,
a couple of bookends
holding racy magazines.

Red rover,
red rover,
you trembled, 
and shook the mountains
like the good lord 
calling us