I very rarely like UI redesigns.
usually THE INDUSTRY makes everything worse and worse
but I like that dictionary.com and sister site thesaurus.com added
links to each other on corresponding word pages, which open in a new tab.
this is very convenient for me. It’s what I’ve always wanted!
thank you, web designers!
thank you for doing something for me, For Me, for ME—
for once.

Don’t mutter darkly at me.
Don’t spill your ill will every
where, staining the carpet, and slosh
ing in my ears.

I don’t mean to ruin my gratitude
with malice and passive_aggression.
I just wish everyone else could be good like you.
does it not make you feel good when I prop you
up, while putting others down?

Does it make you feel good?

No, but—

then, why?

I didn’t learn any other way.
How should I do it?

You could—

How will things improve if I don’t criticize?
How will I improve if my parents don’t criticize me?
How will I learn that I’m inherently wrong and bad
!!a blight!!
missing the mark,
despite all their attempts
in spite of how GOOD they are—such GOOD PEOPLE—
and everyone LOVES them—
what went wrong?
//With me