I was going to write a poem, or several, sort of like my usual type, throwing away the pen for a 5 pound sledge, the kind that might have a line in it like

“In a just world she would be a lampshade in a library”

but I decided not to.  Nor did I decide to include the insulting one with the aside

Since I’m part of the “community”
I’ll use my sexuality
Any way I damn well please
I was elected spokesman (did you miss the meeting?)

in it.  Since it started with “Don’t read this” it’s probably best discarded.


I went back and read my first entry
And I’m certainly still right about me
But I was wrong about poetry

I spent alot of time this month reading all the poems here when I should have been working and I’ve made some progress, even enjoying several poems about cats and a poem with “Fortnight” in the title. I learned pastoral isn’t always boring, and that witchy, hippie, drum circle set style stuff can be entertaining, too.

I learned that, like autism and sexuality, sociopathy is also spectral and that the reason I don’t get a lot of what’s going on here isn’t you, it’s me.

I wrote several poems this month I’m proud of that would never have existed but for this forum, thank you all, but especially Jim, who I consider a new friend – I hope he does, too.

Maybe we’ll meet again here next year
Time for a beer