Not “he” or “she,” a label worn thin,
But the name that ignites a fire within.
Respectful ears, attuned to the sound,
A symphony of self, echoing around.

They listen, they learn, with open hearts,
The language of identity, tearing charts
Of assumptions, biases cast aside,
Embracing the truth that pronouns confide.

A simple “they,” a weight lifted free,
A sigh of relief, finally being me.
No stumbles, no slurs, a gentle refrain,
Respect woven into the everyday name.

More than politeness, a bridge they construct,
Where pronouns acknowledged, a world less corrupt.
Inclusion blooms, a garden diverse,
Respect for pronouns, a beautiful verse.

For in that respect, a message is sent,
You’re valued, you’re seen, a magnificent intent.
The world shifts a little, a ripple of change,
Acceptance’s embrace, a world to rearrange.