In the sticks
where you can’t get
cable & internet is unreliable
it’s natural–inevitable–to turn
to AM radio when you are bored
& want action. Today
you find a call-in show
for selling tractors, pigs,
rabbits, gravel & you consider
buying a scoop of Chattanooga
Brown gravel, or a Red
Heeler pup. You switch
the dial to Bluegrass Sunrise
on WBLU where old-timey
twang blasts with high
harmonies & runaway
mandolin. Are you lonely? Do you
want to go home? Why are you so
alone?, the lead singer
belts.  I can’t answer. I’ve roamed
city & farm, decades
here & there, with a restlessness, 
a twirling mind like a shiny
baton. No matter, an inner
voice hums.  Breathe slow. Watch
wavy fields change, wait
for the hay harvest, for a pair
of birches naked in the snow.