Pack me away
In some cardboard box
Add something soft
And if it isn’t too much to ask
A little legroom.

Ship me across oceans.
Fly me over rainforests
and snow-covered mountains
Let me smell the air above the clouds.

It would be okay if I tumbled
Among the raindrops
To nurture the earth.

Maybe there 
A loving eye would see me
Feeding the grass
Or raising the flowers.

Resting with worms
Gossiping with fireflies
Before flashing secrets 
To be lost in the night.

Don’t forget a return address
Just in case
I’m lost along the way
I can find a way home.

Through careless hands
Indifferent drivers
Tossed and Forgotten
Somewhere amongst the graveyard 
Of unopened packages.

I’m delivered
To your door.