Rewards of Sauntering w/ three quotes from Thoreau
Every chance to put cars, highways and urban sprawl aside,
walk toward an unused railroad track, deep woods, or an unimpeded stream. 
Is this an escape begging to shut down the wild flurry?  Is this avoidance—
a rocket full of emotions threatening to overwhelm?  Or some
sort of human instinct searching for a reboost—
of sensory neurons and brain receptors of that central 
crusade constantly crossing the nervous system?


All Our ancestors were savages, Thoreau said, and thought it 
good enough for him.  Ecosystems, endangered species, carbon footprints and
things of that nature had been around since time began, and still
are, though Thoreau never heard of these words.  To us, most of his life was still
wild, the frontier way to the west.  But his limbs didn’t know, 
and, furthermore, he wouldn’t have wanted to know.   Go forth,
free, and saunter for your creativity and sanity, Mr. T. would say
if he could see us today. 
Melva Sue Priddy
ps  The word if in the last line should fall just below the word saunter in the next to last line. I could not teach it to obey.