Do you ever feel so lonely you could cry?
But you wouldn’t be crying because you have no one to turn to
Or nowhere to go if your kitchen suddenly caught on fire
No, you would be crying because you have the sudden realization
That everything that you have accrued in your life
All the people, all the experiences, all the STUFF
Will never be able to help you combat the chasm
This yawning void buried deep, deep down
And the creature that lives within it
Too distant to examine and much too far
To even begin to understand
This enemy that has embedded itself into your very fabric

You cry because it takes hold in random moments
As you’re selecting produce in the grocery
As you’re walking in the park on a sunny day
As you’re sipping chamomile in a coffee shop
It has permanent access to you and its hunger is insatiable
Your eyelids begin to feel like dumbbells
Your motor has been replaced by a ten year old phone battery
And tar has been poured over your head, slowly trickling down your limbs
Immobilizing everything it touches
A veil thrown over the caged bird, screaming to fly free
The one in control tells you to shut the fuck up
That you didn’t have anything interesting to say anyway
And that the world will be that much brighter
Without your frail wings darkening its sky

Do you ever feel so defeated you cease to exist at all?