Dear Kelsey,
I tend to put myself in states of anxiety when I don’t know what to do. My initial hasty thought process is always how to make a problem promptly go away, as if the faster I expedite a problem the quicker it will cease to exist. What if I feel different about the aforementioned conundrums given some time? This was a thought that had never presented itself to me before. A lack of perspective I suppose. I’ve often questioned whether or not my past self was a stress addict. The recurring problems were happening more frequently. Like a test I had a million attempts at. Not knowing the right answer but trying the wrong ones over and over. It was exhausting. I’ll never forget when you told me, things might seem confusing at first but overtime I could obtain clarity and make better decisions. It seemed so simple. I could embrace the confusion and not waste a good crises and create opportunities.
Thank you,