How often do we get to capture four
Hundred years of growth and endurance?
On the road to the bridge if you look
To your left, there’s a majestic oak.  

Unlike many of this age, well truth to
Tell there aren’t many of this age at all,
But of those still living and breathing
For our benefit, this one is almost perfect.
No gutted trunk, or ugly broken crown,
Limbs are huge, graceful,  intact. Leafing
Each spring dresses every limb, even the
Smallest ended twigs, hanging on hoping.
Think what this tree has seen, and does
Not tell. Covered wagons,  all trees around
Cleared, virgin ground plowed for crops,
Even cannabis back during World War II.  

War after war waged while the oak grew
Gave shade, bird homes, mast for critters.
Oak took in bad air, pumped out life’s force,
Sustained the land in flood and drought.
Our oak has the spunk to live with everlasting
Dangers and threats, yet continues to send
Roots of support and leaves of comfort.
Perchance man might in time come to emulate
The steadfast force this majesty displays?