On the porch, sipping our coffee, we enjoy the first moments
of the day. A loud siren interrupts us.
Two fire engines park in front of our neighbor’s house.

Another neighbor stands in his driveway, watching.
As we finish our coffee, we wait to see what happens.
Another neighbor is spraying weed killer.
“She has health problems,” he tells a passerby,
adding, “Cool old lady.”

She appeared in good health days ago
when we stopped by with flowers from the farmers market.
She told us the local tomatoes will be ripe in three weeks,
to buy them from the first farmer on the left.

We waited until the EMS took her out on a stretcher.
Did they read the note on her door
about the care of her dog and cat?
Last time her sister never put out fresh water.

We return to our houses. Places to go, things to do.