For a moment

everything was me.

The walls were breathing.

All of these strangers had my life,

because a butterfly

flapped it’s wings

just a little differently.

I was the butterfly too.

My body melted into molecules,

dancing, pulsing, burning.

All sensation.

All pleasure and pain.


I have no body,

but tuck in the womb.


I want my life.

I want my beautiful

messy life.

I roll and thrash.

Of course I do.

I am my mother,

patting my back.


God keeps opening

and closing doors.

She winks at me,

looking at herself in a mirror.

Life imitates art.

The great Wizard of Oz

pulls back the curtain.

I laugh

I am not quite sure

what laughter even is.

It sounds well and full.

I let it wave through my ears.

I am the music.


I watch the woman

dance before the fire.


I wink

for the first

and infinite time.