It’ll make me go crazy, my imagination
hastily you chase me, to points of furcation
insatiably you waste me?
graciously you sedate me, in locations opening up loquaciously
locating me tenuously from spaces of some traces that where spaced out spaciously

I need a place equipped with creativity that cant be traced to any particular time or space
where the flow of productivity comes at a pace 
that loops around and conductivity of thoughts are laced with connections to colors that come encased with directions to wonders and where they’re placed 

tastelessly, I know hot to use logic to get me from A to B
it’s often not where I want to be as I see a sea of imagination unfolding inside of me
three cherry trees serve as an aviary for my fairy canary to serenade 
while esprit bees bring a necessary tune they carry to be played 
I can arrive at any note or letter when my ingenuity is displayed

away we fade, to my apartment in the sky,
I float as clouds pass beneath me as I lie
overlooking a calm ocean through my glass floor
I smell Pad Thai cooking but I don’t perform the chore
the automation is just the norm
sitting in infinite durations without a storm
implementing the sounds of instruments to a breeze that’s warm

transform, into a basement type space an underground mansion where we sit Indian and face, a style nowhere else can re trace
where it smells like warm cinnamon in a cold kitchens airspace
where we don’t care about species or race,
two, maybe three dogs we can showcase
where a park after dark resides right up a staircase
or how about we unlace and stare as the flames rising in the fireplace
where the disguising of a quiet subspace can get hit with a surround sound base,
it can’t be found on a graphical user interface,
this theatrical type of place, only happens when you and I interlace

embrace, a glowing meadow as the habitat,
of shuttering by white butterflies in éclat 
mesmerized by where we are at 
my eyes stayed surprised by the acrobats
one all jittery made me feel brilliantly in fact,
another in my periphery made me laugh with its trickery so tact
and my favorite who flew closer just to chat, near the ENO blanket on which we sat

arrive at, a place I could sit and stay all day, the country side cafe
where a happy dog readily greets at the entrance way
where the meats and treats are purposely prepared for that day
and the seating isn’t so cubic,
bites and winks are timed in accordance with the music
with a chaise in the corner, if you need to use it…