Lock your doors
Don’t open for strangers
Don’t open for friends
Don’t go to church
Or the movies
Or the store.

Don’t go to school
Don’t send your children
Don’t run a marathon
Don’t watch

Meet in secret
Or dare
Don’t turn around
See behind you
Wear your headphones
Keep them silent
For footsteps
For breathing
For keys
For screams
For gunshots

Do you feel that?
Hair rising
Chill down your spine
Will it always feel
Like something
Or nothing at all
Just another Wednesday
Until you’re the one dead

Except everyone’s got ash
On their foreheads
Like gunpowder
Next we won’t be able to go
To the grocery store
Or the gym
Or the library
Or a museum
And who will want to
Walk dead?

Maybe they will
Change the laws
When no one is left