How hard it must be to play with a team on your back,
Maradona, the world’s greatest football player in the stands,
all of Buenos Aires gathered to watch at the Plaza San Martin.
In the cacophony of voices, you do what a captain does.
On the pitch, you score a beautiful goal, but the Super Eagles score, too.
As blood oozes from your teammate’s eye, it’s win or go home.
The world wants you to play well. The team is on the edge.
In the 87th minute, Marcos Rojo, a defender, get the winner.

After the passion, the intensity, the final whistle comes relief.
In St. Petersburg, 50,000 Argentinians sing anthems.
The coach rushes off the field, leaving his players
to soak in the victory with embraces long and hard.
The pressure is temporarily lifted.