Hieronymus rose from a harrowing night,
saw salvation approaching, and crowed with delight.

Sunday we sat in the transept of the cathedral
facing folks like us in the opposite arm of the cross.

The lector read Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, “Whoever had much
did not have more, and whoever had little did not have less.”

Fr. Tobias, a Missionary of Compassion, said Mass.
His order cares for the destitute of the globe.

He prays for one of our children or grandchildren
to have a vocation. Our daughter studies exponential functions

to understand the power of investing
and looks for mentors to explain how to achieve fiscal independence.

One comforts orphans, the elderly, terminally sick, and homeless,
the other wants to generate income without working.

One is accumulating good deeds,
the other wants to accumulate revenue generating assets.

She’s employed by a Japanese corporation that nets 500 million a year,
he for a religious institution with over a billion members worldwide.

One has faith, the other self-confidence.
Both like to take risks when the ground is stable beneath their feet.

Midway through the homily, the sun climbed up to the church steeple
and found us through the stained glass window.

As Fr. Tobias urged, we must find our vocation on earth
so when the music of life ends, we will find our salvation.