You know it’s dire straits when you relate so much to that one Linkin Park song
And it’s all surrounding shit you already think is stupid,
But now there’s lyrics to match

I was promised, by a boat,
That I would not be an island
Forgetting that all land is the same as not-water
And boats only concern themselves with the sea

My island is lot of sand
And all its visitors telling me they don’t like how I’ve organized it
It’s not shaped like castles to choose from
And it’s in our shoes and socks
It’s sand, I say, I didn’t pick it
Well you’re the island, they tell me
So why didn’t you demand better dirt?

I would’ve, had I known to
But the answer already lives in their question
In the end, it doesn’t even matter
It’s a stupid island, I’ll tell them
What else did you expect?