They say the footprints in the sand are the signs

God is walking beside you and I see Her walking,

but its past my “Shore

you can say that, you can do

That” is what I never said


I’m in the sand buried neck deep

while he builds his sandcastle on my chest

of drawers filled with clothes i can no longer wear

because i am as healthy as that broccoli you order when you really want fries


like the sun fries me as i lay there

and i want to move because the tide is rising

but he isn’t done building so he says “hold on” for just a minute


a minute

whoever said a minute could be harmless

has never played Clue

they are the butler in the

bathroom with the

candle stick


and they thought they caught it like a cold in the Winter

when i wear that hat to hug my brain because it can’t get warm

enough to change my blue lips that started turning the color

of the night sky


The night when he stopped building his sandcastle

and left me to dig myself from the depths of the sand,

i was fighting the tide

to stay alive.