i want to write a poem that
gives my heart the fiction
it can agree with

i forgot how you smelled
but today you flashed
a hickey at me
a dripping eye
trying to catch my gaze
with a murdering wink

dear amelia,
it took a year plus change but
i finally took your advice

so those invisible figures
you surrounded me with
might pause
shake their heads
take two steps back

i washed you
out of my sheets today
and i’m still not sure if
i’m sorry or not

virginity stripping embrace
dancing arms circle
door parting sweep

hands folded in laps
chewed lips advancing and retreating over
sawn teeth
hunched shoulder hollowing out
a space at the collar bone
for water to collect

you kissed my calf
as i walked up the stairs
and everything was in bloom

i finally know how to feel
and if i could
i’d leave you all over again